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The Ongoing Effects of Water Damage

Within Minutes

  • Water contamination spreads rapidly increasing claim cost.
  • Moisture sensitive furniture turns white.
  • Stains released from furniture stain carpet-possibly permanently.

Within Hours

  • Furniture in direct contact with water delaminates or swells.
  • Normal household odours, amplified by humidity, become apparent.
  • Dyes from non-colourfast fabrics start to bleed.

Within Days

  • Fungi appear, along with their characteristic musty odour.
  • Severe warping of wood becomes apparent.
  • Paint blisters and wall covering adhesives release.
  • Wood structural members begin to swell, warp and split.

Within Weeks

  • Mould sinks roots into and destroys organic materials.
  • Occupants must be evacuated due to health hazards.
  • Allergen sensitivity may arise from microorganism growth.
  • Gutting the structure may become necessary.